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Explore the history and evolution of the Society Farsarotlu, from its founding to the present day, and that of the wider Aromanian community in the US and globally.

Current Officers

Robert J. Nicola
Fr. George Coca
Nicholas S. Balamaci
George C. Fatsy

Past Presidents

[  ] Articles regarding founding (Nick)

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Society Pendants from 1903

From Our Newsletter

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: Plaudits to you and those responsible for the revitalization of the Society Farsarotul! I have enjoyed receiving the newsletter and have taken the

Past Presidents at the Centennial Celebration

Past Presidents of the Society being honored at our Centennial: from left, Bill Balamaci, Nick Fatse, Dina Vanghele, Bob Nicola, Andrea Colimitra, George Fatsy, &

Scenes from Vlach Cultural Life

The Cofa Cofas such as those shown in the photograph below have always been some of the most beautiful and popular utensils in the Vlach household.

Community News

New Members The Society warmly welcomes the following new members:   George I. Topala Munster, IN Peter S. Zegras Southport, CT Tami Topalu Richmond, VA

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Membership in the Society Farsarotlu is open to all, regardless of ethnicity or citizenship. Our initiation fee of $5 and annual dues of $18/year haven’t changed for decades (and students pay half price).